Letter From Our Founder

“ManDem Cycling Club? That’s DUMB!”

This whole thing started off as a joke; something that was said in jest.

When I had the idea of ManDem Cycling Club, my new bike was in my possession for less than 24 hours. For such a random thought to blossom into the community we have now is hands down the strangest thing I’ve ever witnessed and experienced.

When the pandemic brought the world to a standstill in early 2020, I had no idea how long the madness was going to last. In addition to the lockdowns, the images of Black people being brutalized and killed were all over the media. Like many others, 2020 was doing me dirty and I needed an escape. 

I sent a message to my boy Darkie and asked him if he would consider getting a bike again. Back in the day, he would pull up to BBQs on his BMX so OBVIOUSLY he said yes. 2 weeks later, we both had bikes and I shared the news of my new purchase on social media. To my surprise, a lot of people I knew were already on the bike wave.. and that’s when this “dumb” idea came to my mind. 

”I have a bike, Darkie has a bike, Beefy has a bike…ManDem Cycling Club!”

The first ride was 7 of my childhood friends, a stranger referred from a friend and myself. The following week, 15 total (including 4 women).  By the third week, it got real. Almost 40 people waiting for me at the link up spot. Week after week, it kept growing; despite my attempts to sabotage it. By the time Summer 2020 wrapped up, ManDem CC hosted 18 cycling events over 16 consecutive weekends. 

It goes without saying ManDem CC is here to stay.

THANK YOU to the ORIGINAL MAN DEM (you know who you are) who committed to the bike life with me. Definitely made this mission easier to complete. 

THANK YOU to everyone else who has been a part of the journey thus far. I appreciate you showing love to THIS THING OF OURS! ManDem CC was inspired by the Man Dem and was created by one of the Man Dem … but believe me when I say this is for EVERYONE!